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My wife Christine woke up one morning and told me she wanted to learn how to ried a motorcycle. She'd grown up around bikes, her father having ridden and her uncle being a long time biker and HD mechanic in Florida.

Well, as they say, if mamma isn't happy nobody is happy! She talked me signing up for the license course and next thing you know we owned a new/used bike! I hadn't ridden in nearly 12 years and it wasn't something I was too focused on at the time. Needless to say, I'm hooked and always looking for an excuse to jump on the bike. Whether it's an evening ride after work, a day ride on the weekend, or an overnight getaway, it makes no difference to me.

Well, our first winter after we started riding again, we found ourselves itching to ride and with little to do. We decided to start sharing our experiences here with you!

We hope you enjoy our site and share your experiences with us. Feel free to e-mail us at!

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