Cool Bike Rides

Agawam 2

Here's another ride suggested by Karl in Agawam, MA. This is one that I've done variations of often and highly recommend it. It's nice roads accept for one stretch on Route 20 between Route 8 and downtown Hunitington. One other personal suggestion, there are two dams along this route. I like to turn on to Route 112 in the Huntington Center and stop up on the Littleville dam. The photo on the right was taken from the dam. After you cross over the bridge, you should start watching for the signs to the Littleville Dam on the left. Though I don't have exact mileage, on this, you should see this turn within a mile of the bridge. Take this left and then watch for the right hand turn after you pass the school (school is on the left). This is also marked, just not too clearly. I think it's the first turn after the school. Scoot on up the hill and be sure to stop at the top of the dam for photos. You can park outside the gate and walk out to take pictures. If your lucky, the gates will be open and you can ride out on the dam! There's also a boat ramp that you can ride down to if you packed a lunch. Enjoy it on the grass down by the lake. You'll also find Porta Potties down there should you need them. For more photos up here, click on the Slideshows link to the left. We have photos from the top of the dam in full fall color!

- Rte 57 west out of Agawam to Rte 23 (takes you up through the hills into Granville, Tolland, Sandisfield...).

- Rte 23 east to Rte 8.

- Rte 8 north to Rte 20.

- Rte 20 east into Westfield then just past the Mass pike bridge right turn on Bates Rd, which takes you past Stanley Park/Westfield State College.

- (IAN'S NOTE) May opt to follow 20 until you reach 10/202. Turn right on 10/202 and head towards Southcick. This is the route mapped out above.

- Then I pick up 10/202 to Southwick and the 57 back to Agawam

This ride is 2 to 3 hours depending on the pace you set. 100 miles on the dot from my driveway and back.

Karl sent us yet another great ride. Enjoy!