Cool Bike Rides

I had the opportunity to meet some beautiful woman at the Springfield Motorcycle Show who caught my attention for more than just their beauty. They are a group of ATV racers who support their dream through their own hard efforts!

At first, I saw the beautiful Baily Shea (Miss August in their 2010 Calendar) walking around selling these calendars. When I first saw her I figured she must be a young model hired by one of the other vendors to help draw attention to their offerings. What I discovered was far cooler!

This group of women are ATV racers who compete nationally. They ride and ride hard, competing at regional and national ATV events across the country. They have no major sponsor but would certainly be open to the right opportunity. Instead, they have banded together and developed their own merchandise which they sell at events around the country. This includes the all new 2010 ATV's Most Wanted calendar.

Help them support their dream by ordering your copy by going to their website and take a look at the merchandise they sell to support the cause. There's even stuff there for the guys! Visit today!

We took a few minutes of their time to ask the ladies a few questions. The audio isn't the greatest as this was in the middle of the show but take a few moments to learn a little more about them today:

ATV's Most Wanted

For you ladies out there who love to play in the dirt, this is the bunch you will want to follow!