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I just wanted to let you know that I would recommend to any and all riders who haven't done the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina, to put this trip on their list. It was one of the most spectacular and beautiful long distance rides I have been on.

My wife and I took the 07 HD Street Glide on the trip in July 2007. We took 84 West into Scranton PA., then took 11 South which runs along the Susquehanah River and eventually in to Viginia where we picked up Skyline Drive which runs into the Blue Ridge Parkway through the mountains, and into Ashville North Carolina where we stayed with freinds for a week.

The views from the scenic overlooks (35 miles apart) are breathtaking, and there are many "twistys" all along the way. On the highest peak in the Blue Ridge on Craggy Mountain (elev. 6000ft) we encountered a surprise cold front which delivered rain, sleet, wind, and fog which reduced our visibilty to about 50ft. As the scenic overlooks are so far apart, and there really is no shoulder to speak of, we had to pull over the best we could to don our rain gear. As we were hurrying to put the gear on, three other bikers stopped and asked if we were OK. At that point, we were approx. 35 miles from our destination in Asheville. They escorted us down the other side of the mountain at about 15 mph with flashers on. It felt good having other bikers looking out for us. We made it safely before dark, a little soggy, but non the less it was an adventure to remember, and one I would do again in a heartbeat. On the way back we stopped in York PA at the HD Factory to see where my bike was assembled. Very impressive tour and facility.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This ride was submitted by Karl from Granby, CT...