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Early last summer we'd seen a special on the local new about Curtis and his outdoor BBQ. We insisted we had to make a trip up there some day. Well, later in the summer, right after returning from a vacation to Florida, we got a call from my wife's sister and her husband looking to take a ride. You guessed it, they were looking to go to VT to get some BBQ. Though we were still a bit weary from our vacation, we couldn't resist.

When we arrived, it wasn't much to look at. There's two buses pushed together back-to-back and essentially an open pit to the right of those buses. Working the pit is Curtis himself. I took the time to talk with him a bit while we were waiting for our ribs and found him to be a really nice guy! He works on a simple, open pit and cooks on hardwood. I'm not talking charcoal, I mean he's pulling split logs off of the pile behind him to keep the pit going.

As I recall, Curtis actually hails from Georgia. He comes up in the spring and stays here running the BBQ until October when he heads back home. When they say this is true Southern BBQ, they mean it!

Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to sit with the others to enjoy the ribs. We had company coming by the house to join us for dinner later that evening so Chris and I loaded our rack of ribs and bottle of Curtis' sauce and headed back home. We had the pleasure of enjoying those ribs with my grandfather later that evening. They were fantastic!

If you like BBQ, and are looking for a place to ride here in New England, this is a must do ride for this summer.

These pictures are courtesy of where there's a great article on Curtis'.

From the Springfield, MA Area:

- Pick up Route 5 anywhere you'd like. We picked it up in West Springfield though you have to set your feet down too many times between there and the far side of Holyoke!

- Follow 5 right up into Vermont. When you arrive in Putney, Curtis' is on the right hand side. Be careful not to miss it (watch for the smoke)!

- To return, we opted to take Route 91 to Northampton. We exited and picked up Route 10 and followed that back into Westfield.

Alternate Route:

- If you prefer the highway (we don't), you may opt to take Route 91 North out of Springfield and follow that up to Exit 4. Curtis' is right off of the exit.

Another Route To Explore:

If you're looking to explore a bit more when you do this ride, you can jump on Route 2 in Greenfield. This is the Mohawk Trail and it offers you some awsome riding. Take it West and head up into the Berkshires. There are many small shops along the trail. If you take it East, you will head towards Gil where you'll find the French King's Bridge. Be sure to stop and walk out on the bridge to enjoy the view. It's amazing!

Curtis' Roadside BBQ

If you live in New England, this is a must do ride!