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O-K Run

Mapquest claims the almost 200 mile trip from Pompano Beach, FL to the Key West, the Southernmost point in the United States, should take less than 4 hrs... Mapquest also claims the 200 mile Turnpike sprint from Orlando to Pompano Beach takes only 3 hrs.

Friday: As I waited for my buddies at our pre-determined meeting point (almost 2 hrs after our planned meeting,) I came to the conclusion that Mapquest only accounts for 1 rest-area break; not the 4 taken by my tardy riding companions.

All was forgiven, however, at the sight of those three bikes winding their way off the exit ramp and pulling over to meet me. After a short pit stop to shed some layers in the now 90+ degree heat, we were on our way. Since I was the local, I attempted to lead the group down further down the Sawgrass Expressway as to circumvent the work-day Miami traffic. A quick 90 miles later and we stopped to fuel up and stretch our legs in Florida City. After re-hydrating and refueling we headed to lunch at the famous Alabama Jack's in "downtown" Card Sound, FL. Positioned between the alternate (and more scenic) route to the Keys and Card Sound, Alabama Jack's is well known open-air bar and grill among bikers and boaters for its laid back atmosphere and great food. It also turned out to be the first of many places where we'd sample fried conch; a Key's specialty. Two stops and 6 hrs later, we arrived at our Key West hotel just in time for happy hour, showers, and a night on the town.

Key West, FL - Southernmost Point Our Group

Saturday: After coffee and breakfast at the hotel, we set off for a tour of the island. We rode our seemingly over-sized Harleys along the beach among a swarm or rented mopeds. Of course, we stopped for the mandatory photo at the southernmost point in the US. Later over Bloody Mary's, the idea for Bikers Without Trailers was born. The rest of the day was spent casually riding through the streets of Key West, annoying tourists (and locals alike) with the deafening roar of bikes far too big to be useful in a town far to relaxed to care. After a little lunch of more fried conch and fruity frozen drinks only acceptable on vacation, we rode back to the hotel to shower, change, (maybe catch a nap) and swap the bikes for a taxi. We had one more night on the town and planned to hit all the known hot-spots... including Brian's favorite; early morning Dominos Pizza.

Sunday: Sunday started with a hangover and a quick 50 miles to greasy breakfast in Marathon, FL. It was a fuel stop in Florida City before blurry memories of Margaritaville and Hog's Breath Saloon came back to me. I rode with my cohorts north on US 27 for as far as I could before parting ways at I-595. I was home by early afternoon... I hear my friends caught a good amount of rain and barely made it to Orlando before dark. I can't wait till next year.

This ride was one that was done and submitted by a southern friend...