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There are many fantastic places to ride throughout New England. Massachusetts is no exception to this boasting some of the finest riding roads in the country.

There is no better place to ride in Massachusetts than the Berkshires. It offers elevations ranging from 700 to 1200 feet and boasts many beautiful rivers including the Deerfield, Westfield, Housatonic, and Farmington Rivers to name a few. With amazing views, twisty roads, and a plethora of state forests, there’s never a shortage of places to explore. Add to this New England’s rich history, as one of the first regions of the country to be settled, and you’re sure to find a new area to explore each and every time you go out on your motorcycle.

With New England’s rich history comes an interesting opportunity for those who believe in, or are simply fascinated by the paranormal. There are many houses, inns, forests and cemeteries that some believe are haunted by the spirits of the past. This is a guide to a few of the more interesting spots in Western Massachusetts.

Whether you want to hit these one at a time, or put together your own weekend ride to hit more than one, you should find some very interesting riding and some fun stops. Who knows, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll have your own paranormal experience along the way. Click on the links below to go to each of the three rides.. They include the stories and directions to get there. If you go up to New Boston Inn, tell Barbara we sent you!

Haunted New England

I can't help it, I'm fascinated by the possibility of paranormal activity occurring in real life. I've put together stories and directions to some supposedly haunted places right here in New England. Check them out, if you dare!

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