Cool Bike Rides

Imtimacy. A whisper in the ear, an arm gently resting on the leg of the passenger, a back rub, arms wrapped around the waist of a man with the smel of his cologne in your nose.

Freedom. Riding your own, going where you want, when you want; not having the stresses of family, work, bills, anything but the road ahead of you.

As women we have options when it comes to riding a motorcycle that most men would never consider. I have spoken to several women who have said since they got their license they will never ride "bitch" again. These girls enjoy the freedom and independence that riding their own bikes allow. I personally feel alive, fun loving and yes, sexy when I'm on my own ride, something like a good buzz without the albohol. The nice thing is even when we are riding in a group we don't have to answer to anybody; can go as fast or as slow as we choose. It's empowering!

Others ride two up with their man and don't want it any other way. My sister has talked for years about getting her own license, but insists that she doesn't want to miss the scenery when she rides two-up. She enjoys the conversation, is able to navigate, can have a smoke and for once in her day she has no one depending on her for anything. It is relaxing.

I like to leave my options open. I will usually choose to ride my own, but thoroughly enjoy hopping on the back with my husband, being close to my man, and not worring about a thing.

I think we as women can all agree that the wind therapy you experience on a bike is amazing. Riding on or two up really doesn't matter in the big picture. So, is there an aswer to the question of intimacy vs. freedom? Indeed there is... Enjoy the Ride!!

- Chris

Intimacy vs. Freedom

Christine rides her own and also spends time riding two up with her husband. In this popular piece, originally released in the Mass BIG, she compares and contrasts the two...