Cool Bike Rides

Kelley's Ride

Our new friend Kelley has shared a ride with us that sounds like a great deal of fun. I've posted it pretty much as she sent it to me. I broke it up a little just to make it easier to read on the back of a motorcycle! Enjoy!

- We started up over the 'Notch' Rte116 Amherst Road in Granby MA, up over the hill, past the Holyoke Range Hiking area, down past Atkins Market, staying to the right, then bearing left to Amherst Center.

- At Amherst Center, by the town commons, make a left and get on Rte 9, towards Hadley to the exit on the right that says Rte 47 (about 3 lights up) River Drive, Stay on River Drive! No turns, runs parallel with the river on your left.

- No turns, stay on 47. No turns..Eventually you will come into Montegue Center, which is lovely in its own right, the country store, the big New England white church, the common etc.

- Go through Montague Center, bear left past the village green one quarter mile to small bridge. The Mill is on the left.

- Next to the Mill parking lot, is a road whose name escapes me, when you exit the parking lot, (assuming you stop at the bookmill first!) make a left... if you dont stop at the bookmill, make the left anyway and stay on that road!

- Keep going straight, the road is going to bear to the right, keep going in the direction your nose takes you! There will be farms, curves, frost heaves, houses, fields, and tobbacco barns.

- Keep going as far as you like! When I return, I follow the same road back, as I did in. I dont make a loop as my internal homing system isnt quite what it used to be! (Makes for good times for all if I am leading...all future riders with me, be forewarned, if I stop at a stop sign for a few minutes and theres no traffic coming , its because I'm mentally navagating!!!LOL)

Ride to the Mill in Granby, MA.