Cool Bike Rides

Laconia, NH

So you're heading to Laconia Bike Week. Be sure to give this ride a try while you're there...

Heading up to Laconia for Bike week? If you're new to the area and would like to take a beautiful ride, be sure to check this one out. You'll see some amazing mountain views, you'll cruise by Silver Lake (picture at the right is taken at Silver Lake), head into the small town of Madison, and run the Kancamangas Highway. Yes, this sounds more like a disease than a great ride! The Kanc runs along the Swift River which offers numerous places to stop. If it's warm, be sure you have a swimsuit and you may want to pack a lunch! If you are looking for a campground in the area, we stayed at Pine Hollow Camping World, Inc. which was right on Route 3 across from the Boot Hill Saloon on the right. They didn't offer much in the way of ammenities but the place was clean and the showers were hot. They also allowed bikes.

- We start this trip where 104 meets route 3 by the Harley Dealership. Turn Left on 3.

- Turn Right on Rt 25. You'll be on 25 for several miles. If you're looking for a great place to have breakfast, roughly 10 miles up the road on the right you'll find a nice little resteraunt (roughly 1 mile after a gas station at approximately 9 miles).

- Follow 25 until you meet up with Route 16. You'll join up with 213 along the way so don't worry if you see signs for this route.

- Turn left on Route 16 and then take a quick right on Route 41. Follow 41 until it intersects with Route 113 (turns to the right following the lake's shoreline).

- In Madison you will arrive at a stop sign. The small white building on the right was once the Madison Post Office. Turn Left at this sign which is N. Deer Hill Rd (still 113).

- Continue to follow 113 through Madison into Conway. This will involve one more right turn in the center. If you're running low on gas, get some now as the Kanc is right around the corner and you it runs a ways without fuel!

- Turn left on 112, the Kancamangus Scenic Highway. Enjoy the views along the way. You will have some great places to stop along the swift and will have some wonderful views of the White Mountains. Follow 112 as far as you'd like. If you take it to the top, you can stop at the trading post.

- Turn back and follow 112 back to 113 in Conway. Turn right and watch for signs for Route 16. Stay on 16 and follow this to back to route 25.

- Turn right on 25 and follow this back to where you began. If you want to hit a great watering hole, get back on Route 3 and follow this towards Weirs Beach. Watch for the Boot Hill Saloon on the left. The staff is friendly and the drinks are cold!

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