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For our Military

Consider this my personal little thank you to the men and women of America who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom back here at home...

All too often we take our freedoms here in the United States of America for granted. The ability to wake up in every morning to choices. What do I want to eat for breakfast? Which car should I take to work? Should I ride the motorcycle instead? Even many of our poorest people, though their lives aren't what they'd like them to be, they are typically much better off than folks living elsewhere in the world.

Why might you ask? In a word, FREEDOM! We have the freedom to make what we'd like out of ourselves. We can choose to be a plumber, carpenter, machinist, accountant, banker, a clerk in a grocery store or the CEO of a company. We have the right to set our goals high and we then have the right to work our hardest to achieve those goals! There's no guaranty of success but success usually comes to those willing to outwork the person next to them.

Why are we allowed these freedoms? Because a small group of people decided to come to these shores and then decided it was time to break free from the heavy hand of a controlling government where they had little to no input. They formed this country based on sound principles and started to build the foundation for one of the greatest countries on God's green Earth!

Is this country perfect? No! Is our government perfect? No! Do we have the right and power to change things? Absolutely! Our constitution allows us these rights and the freedom to speak out against our government. It provides us the right to choose our representation, though far too many people choose not to excercise these rights.

How do we retain these rights? Our military! These men and women give up a piece of their lives, and sometimes pay the ultimate price, to protect those rights and to keep our borders secure and safe. Though we may not always agree with war, it's a necessary evil and at times the only way to achieve peace. These men and women put their lives on the line each day so we don't have to. I truly appreciate that and would like to say thank you and we're proud of you.

My grandfather served in WWII. He was an ordinance Seargant in the Army and spent much of his military time overseas. He was in the second wave of soldiers to storm the beaches of Normandy. He was supposed to be in the first. Very few men survived that first wave. I'm lucky to be here today sharing these thoughts with you. The photo above is one of my grandfather. In fact, if you're interested in reading a little more about my family's military history, there are a few items on my family website Feel free to pay it a visit.

If you're traveling and see someone in uniform, take a moment to stop them and say thanks. If you've got a few extra dollars in your pocket and you see them in a restraunt, maybe you can offer to pick up their tab. It's the least we can do to let these folks know how much we appreciate them.

I was inspired write this by a video found on You can view this video below. A good friend in the Memphis area had forwarded it to me this morning. It was put together by a young lady named Lizzie Palmer. If you watch Fox News you may have heard about it. Please take the five minutes to watch it and I'll bet you shed a tear as well.

Once again, I'd like to say thank you to the past and present members of our military! Your service to our country is greatly appreciated!