Cool Bike Rides

Route 66 in Oklahoma

I was on a business trip and had the unique opportunity to borrow a bike and ride some of Route 66!

That's right, I had a chance to ride in Oklahoma this December. I'm a computer geek by day and had to visit a new customer in Oklahoma City. I was in town to spend a couple of days training the staff on their new software. The owner of the company, Terry, was kind enough to loan me a Harley Sportster while I was there. This is a beautiful bike that he had purchased a couple of years back and completely customized. Basically, the back tire was the only thing that's still original.

One of staff members gave me directions to pick up Route 66 a short way up the road and told me about a lake I'd see along the way.

4:30 hit and off I went! I jumped on the Sportster and rumbled on down the road. About five miles up the road I picked up Route 66 and headed west. I passed through the small town of Bethany along the way. This stuck in my mind because of the cool flag in the center of town. The flag pole was rather tall, and was decorated for Christmas with green lights. I had to stop and take a pic...

I continued on up the road and before too long I saw the lake. I took the first turn off I could so I can try to ride around the lake. There was a parking area just as I reached the lake and my timing was perfect, the sun was just setting. I pulled in and took some pictures.

I continued on around the lake, stopping a couple of times along the way to take pictures or to have them taken for me. I met a fisherman who photographed me on the bike. When I hit the dam, and couldn't go any further around, I stopped one more time. Here I met a great fellow named Louis. He's originally from Louisiana but decided there was just too much trouble down there. He moved to Oklahoma looking for a little peace and found it.

It was about this time a cold front had started moving in. Though it was 76 degrees the day before, the ride started around 58 and was quickly dropping into the 40's. I decided to start heading back. I stopped at a CVS along the way to get these photos developed and met a really nice kid working there. He turned me on to a great little Mexican joint across the street. After dinner, I picked up my pics. The kid told me is dad liked to ride as well, that he liked to ride a chopper. I handed him a card for the site and told him to have his dad check it out. He told me he would as soon as his dad returned from Iraq. I asked him to do me a favor and say THANKS to his dad for me the next time he spoke to him. I say a little prayer for him each time I think of him...

Anyway, I wrapped up the ride and headed back to return the bike. What a great time! I only wish I'd had more time to ride. Here's the funny part, within a couple of days of heading home, this area was hit with one of the worst ice storms they'd seen in years.