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Preparing Your Motorcycle For Shipping: What To Know

Preparation - Before your bike is picked up for delivery, and regardless of what method you use (see below), you’ll need to do a few things to make sure your motorcycle is ready to be shipped. This includes basic maintenance, documenting the condition of the bike and making sure you have all the necessary paperwork organized. Here’s what we recommend to our clients at Auto Transport, Inc.:

- Clean the motorcycle of any dirt or deposits, including the wheels

- Document and photograph any existing damages, no matter how minor

- Disable alarms and remove any accessories

- Note any preexisting mechanical issues

- Check fluids, battery and tire pressure

- Keep a notebook with all records and correspondence with the shipper

Transport Options For Motorcycles

One of the more popular methods for shipping a motorcycle is secured inside of a wooden crate. It may sound strange at first mention, but it’s actually a very secure and affordable way to have a bike transported. Crated shipping, like palletized transport, involves securing the motorcycle to a wooden pallet, usually with straps and tie downs. The difference is that crated shipping offers a complete enclosure, completely surrounding the motorcycle.

Palletized - As mentioned above, palletized motorcycle transport also includes tie downs and securing the bike on a wooden pallet. Unlike crated transport, palletized transport does not offer complete enclosure. The pallet acts more as a base for the bike to be secured to so that it doesn’t move during the shipping process.

Uncrated - There are a few types of carriers that are designed specifically to ship motorcycles without the use of a pallet or crate. This method, known as uncrated transport, can be done on either an open or enclosed motorcycle carrier. Both options allow for the bike to be firm secured in place before transport, with the main difference being whether or not the motorcycle is enclosed during the trip.

Researching Motorcycle Carriers & Pricing

Before you hire a company to ship your motorcycle, you should do some basic research about them. With just some basic information, you can find out the safety and performance record of a motorcycle shipper using this resource from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Using the link above, you can search for companies by using their U.S. DOT number, docket number, legal name, and DBA name to find licensing and insurance information.