Cool Bike Rides

Westfield, MA

If you live in the greater Westfield, MA area, and are seeking some great roads, be sure to check this route out!

Here's a nice ride that should kill a few hours. This one begins and ends in Westfield and takes you across come great motorcycle roads!

- Start on Route 20 in the Center of Westfield, MA heading towards Russell, MA. Follow 20 into Huntington center.

- In the center of Huntington, turn right on Route 112. You'll be on this road for a while. Enjoy it! Most of this road is quite nice offering you some winding roads through the "Foothills to the Berkshires".

Follow Route 12 until you intersect with Route 9. Turn Right on 9 heading back towards North Hampton.

- As you head into the center of Northampton, you should watch for Route 10. Turn right on Route 10 heading towards Easthampton/Westfield.

- Follow Route 10 back into Westfield center.

This is a simple ride but a very nice one. If you're looking for a bite to eat along the way, be sure to explore downtown Northampton. This is a college town known for it's many fine dining options. You can get anything you'd like. If you have a sweat tooth, be sure to stop in to the Chocolate Emporium (on the left as you go around the bend into the center).